Welcome to Walt’s World

The sun has continued to shine in France brightening Walter’s studio further. The run of good Autumnal weather has inspired him to stay at his easel.  This can only mean one thing, more hard work and heaps more humour.

The gallery has taken delivery this week of some more fantastic paintings from Uncle Walt’s World. His excitement with new work which you won’t find in the catalogue we are delighted to share with you now.

He has continued to challenge his toy figures. Two of them find themselves lost in the foggy grey Autumnal light. A technically complex painting. The use of the grey to create swirling mists is amazing. Whilst the battle of the sexes continues in another scene as the wheelbarrow reaches the summit of the mountain pushed to the top by the hard working lady, the man takes over for the last final push.

Since the catalogue arrived everyone has been “On top of the World” about the latest painting collection and the chance Walter has been given this year by his amazing father to hold his own one man show for 2014. The support Willem gives is unparalleled and he has demonstrated this by sending to London some amazing new works himself. On Monday we will get one of his Delft tile masterpiece with figs on a shelf this is a fantastic example of Walter’s father’s mastery of still life painting.

Download a PDF of the On Top Of The World Exhibition brochure


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