Walter Dolphyn's House

Walter’s World

The hot summer sunshine set us packing our bags to dash off and bask in its warm glow. Where better than to head to the land of ducks, walnuts, fresh goats cheese and the home of Uncle Walter.

My suitcase contained Mr Atomic, which sounds like I was a modern day trafficker but I can assure you it was all above board. Mr Atomic is joining the other figures, cars and toys that belong to Walter Dolphyn and where they find their home. Packed onto shelves and in cabinets, piggy banks and dinky cars rub shoulders with famous characters of stage and screen, all collected with passion and cherished by Walter for their own moment of fame again.

Walter has made this corner of The Lot Valley a home for his family for nearly fifteen years. It has allowed him to perfect his detailed still-life painting learnt from his father, Willem Dolphyn, and developed over time, just like a fine Cahors wine.

A warm welcome always awaits you in the French sunshine at “Maison Dolphyn” and we were very lucky to refresh ourselves after the long, hot journey in the new pool. After a few lengths and a glass or two of rosé we had all caught up again on news, realising it had been over 3 years since we last made the journey. We were then ready to explore his studio. 

Martians greeted us at the door of the studio! A quirky departure from the usual figures but a theme Walter has wanted to explore for many years. He has also created a new series, inspired initially from his swimming pool rescues of local toads. We can’t say too much more here but suggest you start reading your fairytales again!

Another delightful trip to see Walter and Inge at a very exciting time for them both & we can’t wait to share his new paintings with you soon. View the collection.


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