Walking into Jacob’s landscape

“Every painting tells a story, Marie-Claire ready for the artist’s brush to capture her in the French landscape.”

Magnificent, gnarled poplar trees adorned with balls of mistletoe and reaching for the skies, winding riverbanks dotted with cows, sloping hills carpeted with wild flowers bobbing in the wind, long views punctuated by churches and villages. All these are still features of many parts of rural France.

Whilst on our recent trip to Normandy, we happened across some of these scenes for ourselves. The valley of the Eure river and parts of the Seine, from Chartres to Vernon, still have settings which would have inspired some of our great French artists.

The Eure is a tributary of the Seine and runs for 140 miles from the Perche hills until its confluence with the Seine above Rouen at Pont l’Arche. It passes through the medieval city of Chartres below the cathedral, which is located on high ground above its left bank. Travelling north through towns including Dreux and Anet, it veers northwest and in its final stages, runs parallel with the Seine for about 20 miles.

The whole course of the Eure is through wooded and agricultural regions as it receives numerous tributaries including the Blaise, Avre and Iton. It was here, on a hot summer day, amongst the tall trees and meadow grasses, that we felt we were stepping in the footsteps of Alexandre Jacob and that really, nothing much had changed.

Paintings by Jacob are always eagerly sought out by the gallery as his charming scenes capture so well those working the wetlands and fields of this region, people fishing, harvesting rushes or droving home sheep – these tranquil scenes still delight the viewer today. Around the World in Hong Kong at Fine Art Asia, they have once more proved very popular with several finding new homes in the East.

To walk through a landscape seen frequently in the paintings of Jacob, Loiseau or Monet, that which caused them to stop in their tracks and capture in oils, was thrilling and very emotive.

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