The Sunshine State (Florida 2016)

Once all the celebrations for Christmas have passed and we’ve rung in the New Year, I am pretty ready for Winter to be over.  I’ve had my fill of cosying up to a roasting fire with a glass of red wine with the wind and rain lashing at the windows. I am ready for sunshine and colour and getting outside, feeling the warmth on my face again.

Luckily for us, there are four art fairs that take place in Florida from the end of January until the end of February so we can, and do, leave Winter behind and head for the sunshine.

Apart from the weather, we enjoy coming to this part of the States as we meet up again with some of our clients that we may have met at another time of year elsewhere – Chicago, New York, the Hamptons to name a few.

To do what we do you need a love of people and a love of good art. Bringing these two things together genuinely gives us so much joy, especially as our clients love our paintings and sculpture as much as we do.

We had an excellent show at Art Palm Beach, the first of the four shows.  Showcasing Simon Gudgeon’s sculptures, we had an excellent selection of our artists across the board, from Kenneth Webb to Loiseau. We reconnected with some of our clients from last year as well as introducing our gallery to new collectors keen for our more traditional fine art pieces.

Miami was a little quiet on the sales front but we made some connections that we hope will be long-lasting and it was interesting to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of such a large antiques show with about 1000 dealers selling everything from an original Ferrari neon light sign to diamond encrusted tiaras from the mid-1800’s.

Back to Palm Beach for a beautiful antiques show, we had one of our strongest fairs ever. Returning clients found a gem or two amongst our well-curated walls and our fine quality paintings attracted many new collectors with the French landscapes and marine work selling exceptionally well.

Naples was a much smaller version of this last Palm Beach show and much quieter again.  However, with Cory’s keen eye and Anthony’s savvy buying, Glenn and I still had some exceptional paintings left after Palm Beach to attract new clients with a strong collection of marine watercolours and smaller Jacob and Robin paintings.

However long a month sounds, it still whizzes by and we are now back in the gallery in London tying up any loose ends from Florida and preparing for the next stage in our adventurous lives as International Art Dealers.


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