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The launch of our inspirational new Peter Van Breda video

Peter’s enthusiasm for painting is driven by his excitement at capturing the light and atmosphere of a scene on canvas. One of the hardest painting techniques to achieve and one which many artists have found a challenge in their work. Painting en plein air, the urgency and translational nature of what he seeks gives his paintings energy and excitement.

Across London, the City and it’s river give him many opportunities and locations in which to set up his easel and paint – forever chasing sun and rain, light or shadow from sunrise to sunset. As the skyline of this remarkable capital changes, Peter records how the light shines off London’s futuristic City buildings or glows warmly in an evenings’ dusk.

He captures the sparkle of the light as it dances across the River Thames, the reflections skimming it’s surface as the water races out to sea. The vibrant energy of the natural world immortalised on canvas by his brushes.

Peter is dedicated to working outdoors and his enthusiasm for all seasons and all weathers is what makes his paintings really shine.

He has developed a large following of dedicated collectors since arriving in the gallery and what appeals to them all is his record of our city as they know it, in all weathers and at all times of day.

To complement our artists and their paintings we are producing a series of superb videos which we hope help to share a little of their personality and inspiration. So as the time drew close to set about producing one for Peter we knew it would require spending much time en plein air ourselves.

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Planning and timing the recording of a video which relied entirely on the right atmosphere meant that much of the time we dedicated to filming along the river became more of an enjoyable experience, travelling along Old Father Thames and witnessing the views that draw Peter and us all to this amazing city.

At St. Katherine’s docks old and new London now meet in an amazing way. Tower Bridge in all of it’s gothic grandeur and Thames barges with their rusty-red flax sails flapping are illuminated now by light shining from the Shard. A new sentinel guarding London’s old river and guiding visitors to the City.

Upstream under the chimes from Big Ben, Westminster river traffic bustles about taking people between art galleries or on river cruises. The boats here break the light on the river surface rippling out to the edges of his canvas.

Further upstream the bridges of Battersea and Chelsea sparkle under a late sun enticing their representation on Peter’s canvases. Albert Bridge is a particular favourite – the “Trembling Lady”, so called because of the movement on it when large numbers of people cross it, has such beautiful paintwork it is easy to see why it glows on canvas.

On the day the video was produced the traffic around Hammersmith prohibited us catching a spectacular sunset at the end of the day. Peter was more than happy though to finish with the shining, wet walkway bathed in golden street lights outside the Rutland Arms on the river for the final painting of the day.

Friends gathered outside stayed to catch up on news over a drink and so became immortalised on our video and his painting. We don’t know if the girl in the black and white skirt will ever know she is famous!

The completed video is now ready for you to watch – we trust that you enjoy our journey along the Thames with Peter and catch for yourself that light and atmosphere as it changes throughout the passing day.


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