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Supporting the Jubilee Sailing Trust

Founded by a grant from The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Fund in the late 1970s, The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is a unique charity supporting a diverse range of people facing challenges in their life by:

  • Liberating them from their restrictions
  • Helping to transform fear into freedom
  • Allowing individuals to explore their ability, potential and place in the world


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The founders of the JST recognised that the world was an ominous, isolating and challenging place for people with a wide range of disabilities. They also saw the prejudices and misconceptions existing between the disabled and non-disabled communities.

Having seen the positive developmental benefits of sailing on non-disabled young adults, they set about a bold vision of creating a safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory community environment on board a tall ship, which could bring people together, foster teamwork and empower individuals to unlock their potential.

They built two unique flagships for social inclusion (STS Lord Nelson and SV Tenacious), designed to accommodate a very diverse crew – people from every generation, background and ability. The vessels were designed so everyone could sail them, regardless of ability or experience.

For example, the ships include design features that allow participation without restriction, like wheelchair lifts that make the entire ship accessible, unique ascender systems that allow wheelchair users to experience ‘life aloft’ up our masts, a speaking compass for those with visual impairments, and a joystick to help individuals with dexterity limitations to helm the ship.

Over time, as the mission evolved, the JST has brought the freedom of exploration to a wide range of individuals facing challenges in their life, including those with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities and mental health issues, along with people of all ages who may be economically disadvantaged and socially isolated.

Forty years on, the JST has played a trailblazing role, creating one of the finest platforms for personal development and social integration. They have created an environment where everyone can contribute and feel valued, liberating individuals from the restrictions in their life and transforming the attitudes of wider society towards these marginalised communities.

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Over the past 40 years, the JST has taken nearly 50,000 people to sea and had a positively transformational impact on our beneficiaries.

The unique environment on board our ships challenge crew to do things they never thought possible, in an unfamiliar and adventurous environment, overcoming personal challenges and limitations.

The sense of achievement, along with the skills and teamwork necessary to complete this task, ensure our crew leave with enhanced character, greater self-belief and appreciation of others. With these attributes, many become role models in their community.

The JST unlocks the potential of its beneficiaries through the freedom of adventure. However, due to their challenging circumstances, many of the individuals that would most benefit from our work need significant financial assistance to participate. The Patrons’ Circle has been established to continue this important work by ensuring these individuals are not denied this important opportunity. The JST are looking for new Patron’s to join and  support this unique platform and if this is something that you, a colleague or a friend may be interested in supporting, we would be delighted to send further information on behalf of this unique and inspirational charity.

Contact Glenn for further information by email: glenn@gladwellpatterson.com or visit their website: www.jst.org.uk

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