“I made this painting after my first trip to Burgundy. We were visiting friends in the Côte de Beaune area in the autumn, just after the harvest. It was my real introduction to the culture of terroir, how the soil, the climate and land are the key to every wine. Maybe it’s because a lot of my paints are made from earth too, I appreciate that connection to the land and the way of life that it generates.

The vine in the painting is from the vineyard of a friend at Auxey-Duresses. Another friend from the same village gave me the metal clips which hold his vines in place when they are heavy with grapes. When we first met he was painstakingly removing every clip from the vines by hand in readiness for the next season. The bread is from the boulangerie in Mersault, the Époisses cheese from the fromagerie in Beaune. The bottle is unlabelled because it is the winemaker’s own. I just wish I could have painted the steaks we ate.”

“Only the vine reveals to us the true taste of the earth” Colette


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