Les Bords de la Seine.

‘Des Bords de la Seine’ beautifully evokes the spring me freshness of the River Seine flowing beneath the canopy of newly released foliage from the bankside trees. The reflections in the water, an important element of this composition, fascinated Delpy for most of his career. The artist was passionate about capturing the mobility and transparency of flowing water and in this painting we can see both, carefully nuanced in tones of greens and blues, marking a very fleeting moment of a late afternoon setting.

The present work evokes a classic en plein air style executed sur le motif – in nature and without preliminary sketches. During his life me, the artist repeatedly addressed the theme of reflection on in paintings of the Seine and the French countryside. His poetic evocation of the temporal conditions that so inspired his work aptly suits the subtle beauty of the atmospheric late afternoon effects achieved in this particular painting.


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