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Dear Friends,


This year has been a particularly poignant one; a year of celebration of the past and excitement for what the future will bring. January marked my 50th year at Gladwell’s and I would like to sincerely thank all of our clients who have supported the gallery during this time. I have enjoyed innumerable conversations and firm friendships formed through a love and appreciation for our paintings.


No picture conveys the same feeling for each of us because of our varied tastes and preferences, so the field is wide open for artists to capture their own choice of subjects and style. Therefore, in simple terms, if a fine painting has an emotional effect for the good on one, then it has to be considered as something which you can enjoy. Johannes Vermeer’s The Milkmaid reduces me to tears every time I am lucky enough to visit The Netherlands.


Gladwell & Patterson has for 266 years been offering our valued clients the finest art by the leading artists of their respective periods. Our opinion is based on our generational experience as art dealers and also on the academies and museums who award the artists with accolades and honours by including examples of their work in their National Museums. Artists such as Alexandre-Louis Jacob, Georges Charles Robin, and my great friend Robert Chailloux all received honours from their National Institutions to back up our own judgement of their quality. I very much hope you will enjoy our latest acquisitions of these fine artists’ work within this collection of paintings.


Our talented contemporary artists stand alongside these masters of yesteryear. Ranging from the delicately depicted floral still lifes of Pieter Wagemans to the marvellous marine battle scenes by Ronny Moortgat, our Belgian friends continue to surprise and delight. The British landscapes of Martin Taylor and London cityscapes of Peter van Breda call to mind the beauty of this fair Isle and will, we hope, entice those of you that live further afield to visit us very soon.


The new year brings us an exciting array of exhibitions at Beauchamp Place as well as our overseas sojourns at Palm Beach and in Asia. We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting a David Shepherd retrospective, The Art of Survival, in January 2019, in association with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to support their highly effective conservation projects in Africa and Asia. We welcome in the Spring with Paul S. Brown MMXIX, an exhibition showcasing Paul’s exquisite new works, which promises to be a delight for the senses.


We hope that you enjoy the fine paintings and bronze sculptures within this collection and we look forward to welcoming you to the gallery this festive season.


Warmest regards,


Anthony Fuller


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