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Who can believe it has now been four years since our move to Beauchamp Place? At the time it was a huge leap of faith after so long in the City and the West End, and yet fortune has shone upon us and our new home here has been very kind to us. We have recently agreed to a new lease for these beautiful premises which will take us through until 2025, and we couldn’t be happier or more optimistic about the future of our historic old gallery.

The success of the business here has given us the inspiration and confidence to continue to grow and increase the breadth of our collection, and in these uncertain political times people are increasingly taking refuge in beautiful works of art both financially and as an escape . Indeed, the uncertainty in the currency markets is producing some very good opportunities to acquire some incredible works of art.

If you are searching for inspiration, then we take pleasure in drawing your attention to some of the highlights of our Winter collection, which must include –

-The rare oil by Sir Winston Churchill. Depicting a view from the Miami Beach area, it was painted during his first holiday after World War II when he was staying with Colonel Frank W. Clarke.

-Our charming collection of works by David Shepherd. A great champion of conservation, and the best wildlife artist of his generation, this small group of paintings gives an inkling of David’s passion for these animals which he has worked so earnestly to help protect.

-Toby Wright’s Polar Adventure. Recently returned from a quest to capture the dramatic scenery of the Polar Ice Caps, Toby hopes to inspire a greater appreciation and love of the arctic and an awareness of the effects of climate change through his spectacular paintings.

-We welcome back to these shores our friend Paul S. Brown. Paul and his family have moved back to Dorset from his native North Carolina, and he has spent the past few months capturing the warm light of the English summer.

We are delighted to introduce the newest member of the gallery, Emily Campin. Emily comes fresh from an Art History degree at Nottingham University and her enthusiasm and knowledge have ensured that she has moulded seamlessly and quickly into our close knit team. A team where this month, Marie-Claire celebrated ten years with the gallery. A decade which has seen the gallery strive and prosper and that is in no small part to Marie-Claire’s contribution. We look forward to many more enjoyable and successful years together.

Do feel free to pop in and share a festive drink with us all and enjoy the gallery and the collection. We look forward to welcoming you and wish you a very Happy Christmas.

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