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It is Toby Wright’s passionate engagement with the visual world around him that led him to the Elysium Project, an Explorer’s Club Flag supported this expedition to our polar north (Flag 101). In 2015 Wright set out to the Arctic with a team headed by conservation photographer and Explorer’s Club Fellow Michael Aw, and lead scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle, to document its changing landscape as a direct result of global climate change. Toby Wright fell in love with this stunning, pristine wilderness, and is sharing this experience through stunning paintings and engaging lectures.

This unique voyage took a total of eighteen days at sea on ‘The Polar Pioneer,’ an ice reinforced ship. They sailed from Longyearbyen in Norway to the west coast of Iceland, passing the Svalboard Islands, across the arctic seas to the north of Greenland and down the eastern coast of Greenland to their final destination. Wright captured his experiences of this magnificent journey on his website blog and in his remarkable artwork. He commented, “There is a hesitation in writing about such an incredible experience, because words don’t seem to do it justice.” In viewing Wright’s drawings, pastels and oil paintings of his Arctic Exploration we can sense the majesty and awe of this unique environment of vast untouched expanses of nature and unfamiliar creatures. Through these works Wright hopes to inspire a greater appreciation and love of the arctic and a greater awareness of climate change.

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