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Paul S. Brown MMXIX
12 April – 3 May 2019
Looking back fondly to last year I reflected on Dad’s 50th year at the gallery.
His traditional values and classical approach to art have stood the test of time as his work with the gallery proves.
A love of classical realism is a delightful experience. Dad has passed on to us all the ability to consider an artistic subject such as this and how to find beauty in the realism depicted there.

I have recently had the pleasure of watching Paul pass on his experience and share his love for classical subjects to his son Nat. He has treasured him growing up and exploring and developing a feeling for the world around him. Something I know Cory and I shared with Dad too.

Paul’s artistic training and life time’s painting have seen his perspective on classical painting move through his years in London, Southern Pines in North Carolina and back now to Bridport in Dorset. His work has seen familiar subjects, wine and cheese re ected in different lights and locations.

Time moves through days, weeks, months and years and with it the beauty of life becomes ours to explore and enjoy. Seasons bring their own personal charm and enjoyment. We all hold particular times of year in esteem. I am a lover of the season of snow when the wind is cold and the air hangs in a frozen chill. It brings its own silent atmosphere.

For others Spring and the joy of new birth, blossom and fresh green leaves will bring pleasure to the heart.

For this 2019 exhibition we are leading you to experience all of Paul’s paintings with an eye on the changing seasons. To feel the natural beauty of the world captured and animated on the canvas – evoking scents, tastes, sensations and memories though Paul’s indomitable talent. Immerse yourself in these spectacular works and savour their beauty. It is our absolute pleasure to present them all to you.

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