We are delighted to present the latest works from our outstandingly talented and accomplished artist, Paul S. Brown. To be included in his forthcoming one man show MMXV, scheduled for February and March 2015, these present a rare opportunity to enjoy an advanced preview of the works on offer. Providing an intriguing glimpse into the breadth and quality of the exhibition, these teasers are designed to whet the appetite.

The advanced preview will be on display in the gallery from the 10th to the 26th September, with late night openings until 8pm on Tuesday 9th and Tuesday 16th.

The main show will take place in the early part of next year, and it will present a masterclass in outstanding achievement. One of the most successful classical realists of today, Paul’s work focuses on traditional subject matter, including still life, nudes and landscapes. But whilst the subject matter may be traditional, Paul’s approach is nothing but contemporary, however he is committed to using time-honoured techniques in his work. The composition of the still life is updated, and the pose of the nude is refreshed, but at the core of his work is a strict adherence to the highest quality draughtsmanship and oil technique.

Paul’s MMXV exhibition will celebrate his astounding accomplishments, allowing the viewer to witness his ability to bring the subject matter to life. From the milky white skin of one of his nudes, to the golden, crinkled texture of an onion in a still life composition, Paul fluently guides the viewer over the surfaces of his subjects. Time and time again, he provides for the viewer a comprehensive sensory experience. These are paintings for the connoisseur, not just of art, but of all good things in life.

Great art speaks to us. And in order to speak, it needs to be able to breathe. And breathing is exactly what Paul Brown allows his work to do. Using his cultivated eye, Paul never shies away from directly confronting the challenges of the subject matter. Having trained at the Florence Academy of Art, renowned for its commitment to the academic tradition, Paul is one of the Academy’s greatest legacies to the world of classical realism.

A great love for the visible world and a profound respect for time-honoured artistic traditions form the backbone of Paul’s work. From the papery skin of an onion to the subtle dimple in the shoulder of a nude, Paul’s engagement with the subject matter is precise and highly technical.

Paul’s focus is on universal beauty. This he finds in a variety of subject matter, and each painting is a testament to his firmly-held principles; an admirable feat in an era when fashion so often dictates artistic practices.

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