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Gladwell & Patterson is delighted to announce our return to Palm Beach this February  for The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antiques Show at the Palm Beach County Convention Center for our eleventh consecutive year.

We are thrilled to be returning to the Sunshine State to showcase the finest artworks from our prestigious London gallery and to welcome our clients and friends to our stand.

The highlights of our exhibition are a spectacular river scene by the French Post-Impressionist, Gustave Loiseau, and a remarkable hunting scene by renowned British artist, Sir Alfred Munnings.

One of the most foremost Post-Impressionist painters, Gustave Loiseau was profoundly influenced by the great masterpieces of the Impressionists. A champion of painting the landscape en plein air, Loiseau embraced the use of bold colour as he explored and expanded the Impressionist style.  Les Bords de l’Yonne, painted in 1908 at the pinnacle of Loiseau’s Impressionist manner, is a wonderful evocation of the French countryside.  The painting resonates with the atmospheric quality of a warm and breezy summers day. The broad expanse of the River Yonne in the foreground delights the senses as Loiseau superbly captures the rippling effect of a warm breeze blowing across the surface of the water. This still and serene landscape is animated by the movement of the clouds in the sky, painted with longer, loose brushstrokes than their reflections in the water below, evoking a calming ambiance.  Les Bords de l’Yonne is a splendid example of Loiseau’s painting at the height of his Impressionistic period. The subject matter, composition and application of paint are all heavily indebted to the work of both Monet and Sisley.

One of Britain’s finest painters of horses, Sir Alfred Munnings was an entrenched traditionalist that later would take a strong stand against ‘Modern art’. Here, however, his style is clearly influenced by the Impressionists with its flickering light and quick, expressive brushstrokes.  Painted in 1906, when Munnings was 28, A Huntsman and Hounds exudes energy with the lively foxhounds and their patchwork variety of brown, white and black markings, scampering at the feet of the red coated rider as they all move through a loosely depicted woodlands. The low sun is filtering through and catching the whites of the hounds’ coats.

Gladwell & Patterson has long championed the work of French artists that were to follow in the footsteps of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, in particular Georges Robin and Alexandre Jacob, who were discovered in the Paris Salon in the years following the Second World War by Herbert Fuller and have since been nurtured and collected by three generations of the Fuller family that own this prestigious London gallery.

After the phenomenal successes of two consecutive solo exhibitions – Kenneth Webb at 90 at Gladwell & Patterson in 2017 and Kenneth Webb and the Tec-Tank at the Tec-Tank in Dublin, Ireland in 2018 – the gallery will be showing artworks by this pioneering contemporary Irish painter. Bringing bright, bold and colourful landscapes of Connemara in Ireland, Kenneth’s colourful and textured paintings of poppies and his shimmering visions of his favoured waterlily pool are instantly recognisable for their vibrancy and gestural brushstrokes. Gladwell & Patterson will exhibit the frolicking Dark Enchantment, alongside The Old Guard and Somewhere Beyond Eden Rock.

Gladwell & Patterson will be delighted to welcome you to Booth 800/901 at The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show from the 13th to the 19th February.

Palm Beach County Convention Center

650 Okeechobee Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Please contact for more information and tickets.

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