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Kenneth Webb is considered to be one of the finest landscape painters of the last 100 years. At 91 years old, Kenneth continues to create and innovate through his art. This monumental exhibition of 160 carefully selected paintings includes his most recent work which builds on his legacy of capturing the poetry and drama of the landscape of the west of Ireland, notably of Connemara, where Kenneth has had a studio since the 1970s.

Kenneth has spent his life creating spectacular paintings so that we might share his own individual reaction and impression to the natural world around us. His ethereal landscapes, colorful and textured paintings of poppies, and shimmering visions of his favored waterlily pool are instantly recognizable for their vibrancy and gestural brushstrokes. Through the use of virtual reality and videos, the unique landscape and surroundings that continue to inspire Kenneth will be brought to the forefront of the visitor experience. Through this exciting technology and never before seen footage of Kenneth at the easel, Kenneth Webb and the Tec-Tank explores Kenneth’s inspiration and what he is creating now, providing a backdrop to understand this great artist.

Kenneth’s masterpieces of the past and vibrant new compositions will be displayed in harmony with new technology, such as virtual reality, to enhance the viewers experience of the art. Kenneth and his grandson Donovan, the 2018 winner of the BT Young Scientist’s Technology Award, have worked together compelling Kenneth to embrace all the wonders of new technology. It has become a fusion of grandfather and grandson, and of art and technology, with beautifully unexpected results culminating in the Tec-Tank, a monumental interactive sculpture, inspired by Kenneth’s enchanting paintings of poppies, that will wake and come alive when #KWFTecTank is tweeted.

The Kenneth Webb Foundation, whose mission is to preserve the unique legacy of this artists outstanding work, and ensure that Kenneth’s paintings continue to inspire future generations of art collectors and enthusiasts, has lent some exceptional works of art exclusively for this exhibition. Through these historic paintings the exhibition will celebrate Kenneth’s painting journey from 1955 to the present.

The Serpentine Hall (Hall 3), The Royal Dublin Society Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

13 – 18 December 2018

10am – 9pm

Free Admission

Anglesea Road Parking

To attend the private viewing on Thursday 13 December or Friday 14 December, please contact Ella for more information on

The G&P VIP Club

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