Peter van Breda

Day 2: Peter van Breda painting London live!

Peter van Breda is famous for his beautiful paintings of London, light and landmarks. He joined us at Chelsea Flower Show today to give us an insight in to how he captures these beautiful city scenes.

He explained how he loves to stroll down Cheyne Walk as the light of the afternoon disappears and we could see that it is moments like that that inspire him. The way he captures light positively brings Peter’s paintings to life. Whether it is reflecting off the shimmering river or glistening through the foliage, it is truly enchanting.

However, he mentioned that light can also be a hindrance to his work – sometimes he can barely see his canvas when working in the evening!

To find out more about Peter, including his recent trips to Paris and Venice, and a sneak peek in to his stunning sketch book, take a look at our video interview with him below.


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