Paul S. Brown MMXV Exhibition

Like a sunny breeze Paul arrived into the gallery on Thursday bringing his warmth and calm Southern humour to us as he arrived straight from across the pond. Having travelled well with Serena and Nat he was looking forward to his new show, Paul S. Brown MMXV, starting this week.

This was definitely the calm after the storm. Glenn had only just finished dismantling the huge packing crate which had preceded him, containing his wonderful work. The crate had obstructed most of the pavement for the morning and bought a whole new meaning to window box as well as some funny comments from passers by.

I was delighted to find amongst the packaging and paintings two giant pine cones nestled away. For me the real atmosphere of Paul’s home in North Carolina was now here with us in Knightsbridge. The scent of pine and the surrounding landscape paintings we had been unpacking alongside Paul chatting away in the room made for a memorable American afternoon.

His new works that arrived with us in that crate open a window onto his part of America. The wide open tobacco fields and hot red drying barns, fields of maize and dry days, with those pine trees softly murmuring in the background all create a special landscape atmosphere which Paul captures so well on canvas. In other works the amazing produce of onions and fresh carrots capture the savoury tastes of a farmer’s market.

It was a delightful afternoon and after a quick check through these fantastic paintings, to make sure all had arrived safely it was off to the framing studio to get the final finishes made in preparation for the preview night on Thursday 4 June.

We very much look forward to sharing this very special and warm collection with you all this week.

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