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Passing the time with Peter Van Breda

Peter Van Breda: The artist who built his studio in the pub garden…

For those who know me, I am not one to be seen too far from a chilled glass of dry white wine. Or, on very sunny days, a pint of lager.

A few weeks ago I was delighted to be invited to visit Peter van Breda at home in Lewes. He wanted to show me his new studio that he had spent the past few months building and to see what I thought of the space.

What a lovely surprise then, to find he had chosen the end of the beer garden of his local pub on which to build said studio! The Pelham Arms is a lovely little place for a drink and Peter seemed happy that after my long drive down from London, we sit in the sunny garden admiring the exterior of his newly built studio before venturing inside.

After cooling down he gave me a tour of the interior. A brand-new detached building opposite his house gives Peter the room to paint much larger canvases. He can also leave work when he needs to head out to sketch and paint outdoors. Already the studio is starting to look lived in, with plenty of exciting new ideas lining the walls and drawings to show me as well as sketches half-hidden away, ready to be worked up and brought to London.

From Brighton to Venice, here are Peter’s latest exquisite paintings…

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