Passing the time with Peter Symonds – Wild walks over hill, fell and field

With the sun streaming through the fresh leaves of late Spring we headed out of London to one of our favourite corners of England. The Weald nestles between the North and South Downs, once thickly wooded- today it is still an area of shaded streams, delightful copses and wonderful country views. Here Peter Symonds has his studio at home in Ewhurst.

photo 4Peter is inspired by the wild corners of Britain, those places which today still take several days to get to. A veteran hiker and camper, these journeys take careful planning and preparation. For many of us they will always be out of bounds. As an artist his excitement is being able to seek out those views and whilst settled in his tent or walking over moor and field wait for that special moment, when the sun brings across hills and rivers an incredible light or the shadow of a storm, as it approaches, changes the mood of a day.

Peter works to capture this atmosphere as quickly as possible though sketches and with his camera. The references of detail, intimacy and mood in such large landscapes are essential when he returns to his studio. He is able to work back through his images and notes to ensure that when he is painting he will bring to us that special view we may never see for ourselves.

On our visit he wanted to show us the developing collection as he gets closer to his next show in the gallery this September.

photo 2Gathering around a huge Scottish landscape of Sligachan the vast unbroken beauty of the mountains was immediately before us. It is hard not to be stopped in your tracks, as Peter was, by the scale and power of these scenes. Peter’s personal journey to fields of snow and ice has developed further since his last show. He has painted a very complex scene of the Swiss alps capturing the unique colours and light of the xxx glacier as sun plays through millennia of frozen ice.

Closer to home the Cotswolds feature and the golden honey colour stone shines out from Chipping Camden on his canvas. A real treasure for all those of you who love that very special part of the heart of England. Closer to Peter’s home and the famous Weald features once more with views over the Downs and of a classic scene in Friday Street as night falls and wraps itself around a cosy cottage.

We are sure that for those of you, like us, who delight in the natural beauty of the landscape will find some real gems amongst Peter’s forthcoming exhibition.


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