Passing the time Robert Chailloux’s niece

Following our retrospective exhibition on Robert Chailloux last year to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, it was finally time to return the studio objects, ship model and paintings we had borrowed from his niece.

Chailloux’s former home and studio is a much-loved place by his relatives and his niece continues to garden for wildlife and his beloved birds. It was positively buzzing with insects and alive with birdsong when we visited recently.

On the outskirts of Dourdan, it would have been a pleasant walk into town for Mrs. Chailloux to collect bread from the boulangerie and shop in the open-air market whilst Robert would be going through his wonderful collection of old objects and brocante at home to form a new composition.

The respect and admiration his niece has for the work he did is evident. A self-portrait of the artist was rapidly returned to the easel at which Chailloux painted and with her daughters, they went through the paintings of his wife and early work we had returned to them.

Last year, so many of our clients asked about obtaining the objects which were in their paintings. Having seen the family again, we were able to ask them to catalogue and photograph these objects which are currently stored at his home so we will soon be able to bring them back to those of you who own his paintings. Watch this space!

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