Palm Beach, Florida, 2018

Palm Beach Round Up

With more than forty paintings, ten sculptures and six grandchildren on board for this year’s annual show in Florida, the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show is a highlight in Gladwell & Patterson’s calendar and certainly not for the faint hearted.

Palm Beach, Florida, 2018

Our beautifully curated stand looked spectacular as you entered the fair, giving visitors a spectacle not to be missed. This year marked Gladwell & Patterson’s tenth consecutive year in Palm Beach, and over the years we have established some wonderfully close relationships with our clients as well as forming warm friendships throughout our trips. The residents of Palm Beach are as warm as the sunshine and each year we add to our community of art collectors who share our eye for quality in collecting some of the finest paintings from all over the world.

Adelsteen Normann, one of the greatest Romantic artists of the nineteenth-century, was the first eye catching work as you walked in, depicting the Norwegian fords and capturing the monumental scale of this beautiful landscape with its vibrant blues and impressive detail. It was quickly acquired by a new collector. Normann’s work won a bronze medal at the Paris salon in 1889 yet his forgotten legacy was embracing and supporting younger artists of the day, whose progressive style was causing much debate and scandal. Normann mentored the young artist and fellow Norwegian Edvard Munch, in Oslo, despite the stark differences in their artistic depictions. Work of other young artists he championed like Alfred Sisley and Claude Monet led you to the next part of our exhibit.

Palm Beach, Florida, 2018
An exclusive room of museum quality works by the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masters was a focal point of our exhibit, and widely admired. As our guests entered the room an ethereal pastel of Waterloo Bridge by Claude Monet was displayed on one side and Dali’s bold design for a stained glass window on the other. The centrepiece was a magnificent landscape by Alfred Sisley, Lavandières près de Champagne, which was flanked by two masterful paintings by Gustave Loiseau painted in the mid 1920s.

Sur la falaise, au Petit Ailly by Claude Monet has just returned from a loan to the Museum Beyeler in Switzerland, and the painting was greatly admired. The Normandy coast had been the site of some of Monet’s earliest experiments with his “series paintings”, a method that came to dominate his production in the 1890s, and his return to Pourville at this time may represent an effort to re-engage with motifs that he viewed as instrumental to his evolution as an artist. This work captures all the brilliant effects of light, with a more muted palette, and softer, less defined contours.

Palm Beach, Florida, 2018


Our stunning Impressionist works were complemented by a selection of stunning French landscaped by some of our most sought after artists. We have long championed the work of these artists, in particularly Georges Robin and Alexandre Jacob, who were discovered in the Paris Salon in the years following the Second World War by Anthony’s father and have since been nurtured and collected by Anthony, Glenn and Cory.

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Once guests had explored the inner walls of our booth, on the exterior we presented a trio of David Shepherd iconic wildlife paintings, alongside Karl Martens’ striking watercolours of birds. Clarissa James’ intricate painting of a golden peacock drew visitors from the other side of our booth to reveal two beautifully curated walls of marine work by those artists we champion: Montague Dawson, Derek Gardner and Ronny Moortgat.

As an entirely different space, we had our contemporary room set up separately, with soft grey walls that showed off the work by Paul S. Brown and Kenneth Webb beautifully. Simon Gudgeon’s fabulous kinetics swayed gently enticing the viewer closer, and overall we were congratulated, not only on the quality of the world we had selected to display, but also the feel that you were in a home when they were viewed, rather than a large art & jewellery fair!

We really enjoyed seeing our established clients and friends as well as meeting new people that we are sure will become part of the Gladwell & Patterson fabric. Although we are already packed up and ready to come home to London, we look forward to returning again in 2019.


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