Out Of Nature, Jersey, The Location

Out Of Nature, Jersey

Our third visit to Jersey was a very different occasion to our previous trips. Taking over the spectacular grounds of a house perched high above St. Aubin’s bay we let out imaginations run riot with an amazing collection of sculpture by Simon Gudgeon and Nick Bibby.

Eagle’s Rest is a gorgeous period Jersey home being beautifully converted into an amazing contemporary space focusing around its grounds and gardens. The present owners have taken great skill in retaining the maturity of the gardens whilst adding interesting new elements like a huge turf amphitheater.

Our arrival was met with not the most hospitable weather for an outdoor sculpture show, but by the time the house was ready and open the sun blazed down.

All the monumental bronzes collected from Simon’s sculpture park in Dorset and from Nick Bobby’s studio had arrived on the Island on a huge lorry. Too big for the small island roads, all the precious artworks had to be unloaded in the harbour and bought up to the house in small groups.

Upon arrival pieces were carefully placed around the gardens, at the end of lawns, as centrepieces to knot gardens and in small sheltered areas of woodland. All the sculpture looked very much at home and settled in its new surroundings in a short space of time. Inside the house workmen finished wiring, decorating and door hanging as well as installing a kitchen to ensure that everything was ready for an interior sculpture gallery to take shape in delightful rooms above the sea.

Once again, we had transformed a space on Jersey into our home on the Island again. We were warmed by the atmosphere and by the fantastic reception. Over three days we had over 200 people visiting us from all walks of life on the Island. They were so pleased to have a sculpture exhibition like this taking place. Cory and Simon broadcast live to the South West as a link was done by ITV during their weather report.

The enthusiasm for the sculpture we had bought was a great thrill once more for all of us. This really is an island shaped by the sea, that’s small on size, but big on personality and one which we very much look forward to for a fourth time in late 2018.

Jersey 2018


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