The Naples Art, Antique and Jewelry Show

Miami to Naples

Billed as the World’s largest indoor art and antique fair, the Original Miami Beach Antique Show was vast – stretching through 3 giant halls of the Miami Convention Centre, the scene for amongst other things Art Basel in December, it was an incredible spectacle.

Over 1,000 stand holders were gripped in a frenzy of selling to the trade, decorators, private buyers and celebrities. The great and the good were in attendance to secure a bargain or to take home an expensive

It was definitely a place to source some wonderful pieces, and if you know what you were looking for you could almost certainly find it. Some dealers are single field experts – who knew you could run a business
selling only oyster dishes or that so many different ones were made? Or that the history of the walking cane would be explained to you by another stand holder.

Flatware, crystal glasses, vases and dinner services glinted and gleamed across miles of tables. Like some huge 19th Century party.

Furniture and clocks were also prevalent, with some spectacular single era collections like a stand featuring Black Forest furniture with big brown bears carved onto it, and some beautiful booths decoratively arranged in a French style. The halls chimed away through the hours as French mantle clocks and American and English longcase clocks rang out the time.

Jewellery took centre stage though with masses of fine collections, indeed one hall is almost completely dedicated to diamonds and precious stones.

There was also am eclectic mix of paintings on display from illuminated manuscripts to Warhol prints. Indeed once again contemporary work was highly sought after and our Dali of ‘the Virgin and the Rhinoceros’ captivated many visitors. Our stand was very close to the entrance to Hall C and was a great spot to be as we caught people on the way in and out. We met many new friends and found homes for several pieces.

Packing up on the evening of 3 February saw us sad to leave a fun and interesting show, however we were up early the next morning for the 80 mile drive along “Gator Alley” to Naples for our next show. For Gator Alley think East Anglian fens lined by alligators and the straightest road ever and you can picture it. The alligator is an American success story with over 4 million now living in the Everglades.

Naples is set on the Gulf of Mexico and Havana is due South. It feels very different to the East Coast of Florida, and with an attractive restaurant and gallery lined Main Street, 5th Avenue it is a charming
place. It is near here just off N. Goodlette Frank Road that we are all now set up for the opening night of Naples Art, Antique and Jewelry Show this evening.

More information and tickets can be sourced from the gallery or on the Naples show website. We look forward to welcoming you should you happen to be in the area.


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