Boatyard by David Mynett

Mallorcan Memories – Visiting David Mynett’s home from home

An invitation to stay at an artist’s ‘finca’ (farmhouse), Can Xenet, in Mallorca doesn’t take much thinking about and so it was, last Friday, that Lynne Moore and myself hopped to it, packed our bags and flew straight over.

David Mynett was, as some of you will surely remember, one of our talented Venice in Peril artists and truly a wonderful man. Very sadly, he passed away in August 2013 and Shiela, his wife, and I have kept in close contact since as she was pulling together a really special book about David and his works, “David Mynett: The Sketchbooks” with a chapter on Venice.

The invitation came from my introduction – via email, very 2015 – of Shiela to Lynne Moore. Lynne was also one of our Venice in Peril artists and in 2012 was commissioned by the Light Dragoons to be artist on expedition and flown out to Afghanistan. What an adventure and what stories she has to tell! You can read about her experience here (it’s fascinating!)

Lynne is currently putting together a book with her photographs, painting and stories so we were all on hand to offer our advice!

We were lucky enough to be joined by the lovely Rosie Thompson from the Not Forgotten Association who support injured service men and women of all ages. Rosie and Shiela organize holidays at Can Xenet for the soldiers several times a year and the house and garden are full of gifts Shiela treasures from the lads.

Ultimately, that David indirectly managed to bring together such an eclectic and amusing group of women demonstrates the warmth, depth and humour of this man. Despite, yet probably because of, the electricity flipping out, the hot water stalling, kittens running amok, cars losing wing mirrors and chimney’s inexplicably smoking out the entire finca just hours before the Lions’ arrival at the house, we all had the most hilarious weekend at Can Xenet and I can’t remember the last time where mischief and mayhem came together in such organized chaos!

All proceeds from the sale of David Mynett The Sketchbooks goes to the Not Forgotten Association and you can purchase your copy by calling: 020 7730 2400


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