Lights, Camera, Action

This year has heralded the introduction of some informative and revealing video shorts on our website and on YouTube about a number of our contemporary and historic artists.

We felt that it was important to share with you, our art enthusiasts and keen collectors, an insight into why we value these superb artists and to try and discover a little more about what makes them tick. We wanted to demonstrate their passion and illustrate the enjoyment they derive from what they capture for us on the canvas.  We also wanted to show a little of the creative process which they go through in bringing their unique views of the world to us all.

The result has surpassed our expectations and thanks must go to Henry Bateman and Sweet Chilli Films for their excellent work.  Thirteen films have so far been completed, with many more scheduled for release in the New Year.

What were beautifully created works of art now take on a deeper meaning when you can see into the artists soul and understand their raison d’etres. In depth interviews with Anthony who knew a lot of the older artists from Gladwell’s past, and face to face conversations with artists present have provided us with many hours of footage recorded for posterity and captured for ever.

We invite you to visit our YouTube channel and enjoy the videos, or alternatively, go straight to your favourite artist below:


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