Martin Taylor at Chelsea

Day 1: Interviewing Martin Taylor live from Chelsea!

It seems that yellow is the colour to be wearing this year at Chelsea! With fresh mud on his boots from Northamptonshire, Martin Taylor spoke to us this morning about his love of the countryside, the inspiration behind his art and his recent exploration in to other cultures.

His passion for painting shone through as he told us about the magic of sunlight through the trees and the aroma of oil paint as he works.

Martin explained to us his fascination with the growth and decay of the countryside, particularly the influence urban development is having on nature. He added that this was the reason Romanticist landscape artist, Turner, has been a huge inspiration for him as he captured the beauty and light of the countryside solely from sketches and memory.

To find out more about his fascinating travels around Europe and India, his shift from watercolour to oil, and the influence that wildlife has had on his work, take a look at our interview with him here.



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