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G&P Return to Jersey

Our return to Jersey was in tune with the season, bracing Atlantic winds and flurries of falling leaves gave us the feeling Winter was arriving. Inside the offices of law firm, Ogier in St. Helier all was cosy, warm and bright. Our pop up gallery had once more taken over their meeting rooms and transformed them into our home on the Island again. We were warmed by the atmosphere and by the fantastic reception we received to a select range of our paintings.

Gustave Loiseau’s delightful scene of Triel sur Seine shows the village blanketed under a thick covering of snow and felt very seasonal.

Our still life work from Stewart Lees and Paul S. Brown reflected well the flavours of Jersey. Fresh herbs, cheese and wine all resonated with visitors.

Over two mornings we had over 200 people visiting us from all walks of life on the Island. They were so pleased to have an exhibition like this taking place. The major news networks all covered this exciting story with a charming interview on BBC Radio Jersey by Glenn and Simon Dinning from Ogier. Cory put on an enthralling performance for ITV’s Channel TV.









We also made time for a “show and tell” at a school assembly. St. Michael’s Preparatory School is the largest private preparatory school on Jersey and their children were very excited to see two of our significant paintings. The wartime story of Picasso’s experience in occupied Paris was told through our 1943 Nature Morte au Compotier, a story of Occupation which resonates with Jersey in wartime.


Jersey history is influenced by its strategic location between the northern coast of France and the southern coast of England; the island’s recorded history extends over a thousand years. Jersey of course has strong Norman connections, the Island still looks very much towards France. Street names and signs are all in French and there is an atmosphere of Brittany in many of the bays and coves around the Island. Our paintings by Georges Robin, delightful French landscapes and harbour scenes bought to life this connection between the Island and France.

The enthusiasm for the art we had shown was a great thrill once more for all of us.

This really is an island shaped by the sea, that’s small on size, but big on personality and one which we very much look forward to for a third time in 2018.

If you would like to find out more about our pop up exhibition in Jersey, please click here to view the report by ITV news. To view the collection online, click here.

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