Primarily a landscape painter in the Romantic tradition, Kenneth Webb’s subjects of bog-scapes and wild flower meadows have been truly original contributions to Irish art over the past fifty years. He evokes a Gallic sense of mystery and mood in his impressionist waterlily and bog paintings of Connemara.

A fascination with nature has gripped Kenneth since childhood and his best work captures the sacredness of garden, flower, forest and bog. In recent years his original use of colour has influenced many of his contemporaries.

Kenneth has said, “I would wish to paint a picture which has the ability to move me as does music; to turn the heart, not merely an impeccable example of craftsmanship.” To this end he uses dramatic design and primary colour for emotional effect.

Born in London in 1927, Kenneth Webb served in the Royal Navy and Fleet Air Arm and was appointed Head of the Painting School in the Ulster College of Art at the mere age of 26. In his twenties and thirties, Kenneth exhibited widely in London, Paris, Washington D.C., Boston, Toronto, Jersey and, of course, Ireland. Being reclusive by nature and actively shunning the limelight, he has been happy for the past fifty years to confine his shows to Ireland, where two major galleries have sold almost everything he has produced.

Four years ago we, at Gladwell & Patterson, had the first very successful major exhibition of Kenneth’s in London and we are absolutely delighted to be able to continue to present this exceptional selection of his recent ground-breaking new paintings.

The new exhibition opens 17 – 30 April (Preview 16 April). If you would like to attend, please register your interest using the form below. The entire collection will be available to view and buy online from 17 April.

Kenneth Webb Exhibition

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