Monet at Fine Art Asia

Gladwell & Patterson’s Adventure in Asia

Asia is booming! With record sales in Beijing and an incredible reception in Hong Kong, we continued to build on our successful foundations and cementing our presence in Asia for a seventh year.

We decided to make an even bigger splash this year and headlined our collection with a stunning 1919 Monet waterlily painting “Le Bassin aux Nymphéas”.  An exceptional example of his obsession with the waterlily pond he had cultivated at Giverny and a display of his skill in capturing the play of light from the reflections of the sky, clouds and vegetation on the ponds surface. Our painting was the highlight of the show.

Fine Art Asia Stand


With a new location, moving to the third floor from the fifth, and a new stand layout, we showcased a fantastic collection of our paintings including a section devoted to Venetian paintings and serene French landscapes lining the outer walls.


Fine Art Asia - Hong KongThe Gladwells Team and a Monet at Fine Art Asia







It was wonderful to reconnect with our clients who are now becoming firm friends of the gallery, exchanging our news from the year over dinners filled with hilarity and warmth. We also met new friends and clients and look forward to returning to this part of the world to continue to reaffirm these relationships for the future.

Away from the exhibition centre, I had the chance to discover a different side of Hong Kong and whisked myself away to Sai Kung and onto Sharp Island for some exploring. It is so refreshing to escape the bright lights of the city and immerse oneself in nature for a time – hiking across an island, swimming in the warm sea…the day-trip was one of my highlights from the visit.

A few weeks later we returned to this part of the world, this time to the mainland where Glenn and Emily set Beijing alight!


Fine Art Asia


What a show! Having not exhibited in Beijing for the last two years, it was clear to see the staggering difference and growth of the fair. Guardian Fine Art Asia exhibited this year at their new location in the centre of Beijing, just a block away from the Forbidden City and the Chinese National Gallery, where they will continue to hold art auctions and exhibitions throughout the year.

This new location attracted huge crowds and we were blown away by the response to our artworks. The opening night consisted of performances by local musicians and performers, as well as a speeches by Kou Qin, the director of China Guardian and Andy Hei, the director of Fine Art Asia.


Monet at Fine Art Asia


Throughout the week we were giving talks on our stunning 1919 “Le Bassin aux Nymphéas” by Monet, and Glenn gave a seminar on the current art market and in particular why now is a great time to buy Western Art. Aside from the interest in our stunning Impressionist Collection, the crowds particularly admired the work by our talented Contemporary artists, in particular Stewart Lees, who’s work was a sell out! Amongst our notable sales, was two charming landscapes by Maurice Martin and a beautiful pastel drawing by Pablo Picasso.

We didn’t get much time to explore the city, but we did get the chance to try some of its famous cuisine! I dragged a rather reluctant Glenn, away from the temptations of the Western food at the hotel, to a local Chinese restaurant where we sampled some of the local specialities whilst battling with our chopsticks.


IMG_1244Monet at Fine Art Asia









It was so exciting to be in Beijing during this time of growth and excitement in Western Art and we have come away with a greater insight into how to grow as a gallery and share our knowledge and experience with future clients in Asia. We are looking foward to returning to Beijing in 2018 and exploring this booming market to its full potential.


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