From Florida to Luxembourg

From the sunshine coast of florida to the snowy Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Gladwell and Patterson spread its wings far across the globe. To celebrate the recent opening of a Gladwell and Patterson’s art advisory office in Luxembourg we are delighted to be exhibiting at the prestigious Luxembourg Antique & Fine Art Fair. As I stepped from the plane these friendly people have been unbelievably welcoming and warm a stark contrast against the freezing snow.

Early visitors to the show have been enthusing about the artists who we champion, Pieter Wagemans, Willem and Walter Dolphyn, as well as the superb collection of Dutch 19th Century paintings which Glenn drove across the Channel last week. The show is situated at Luxexpo Foire Internationale in Kircheberg and is open this evening and from Friday 30th January until Monday 2nd February, 11 am until 7pm.

The purpose of our visit to this cultured country is two-fold, firstly to share these talented artists and great masterpieces with highly informed and charming collectors who Carla has met here in Luxmeberg and secondly to reach out to new collectors who, in this financial hub of global family trusts, are looking for the correct advice to navigate to complexities of the dynamic global art market. With the surge in awareness of the art as an investment class, investors are looking for art galleries and experts with longstanding knowledge, contacts and expertise. Our many years in the business of art allows us to guide buyers to a position of informed decision making. We very much look forward to strengthen our many contacts here at the fair.

We welcome all our European clients and friends to visit us and celebrate to wonderful selection of art and antiques on display. It is a feast for the eyes. Thank you to all the lovely luxemberg art lovers who have made our trip so special so far.


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