Florida Reflections

The end of winter for the Gladwell & Patterson team was spent as a whole “family” back in the Florida sunshine. Like the Canadian snowbirds, ladies who winter away from the snow in the tropical sun, we also enjoy our annual migration.

Bringing some of our finest works of art to Palm Beach is always a joy. We haven’t done as many fairs this year and have focused on just one which runs through President’s day weekend. We love coming to this part of the States as we meet up again with some of our favourite clients. The Palm Beach Show Group create a beautiful antiques show, and we had one of our strongest fairs ever. Returning clients found a gem or two amongst our well-curated walls and our fine quality paintings attracted many new collectors with the French landscapes and marine work selling exceptionally well.

Cory was also able to bring the children for half-term too, so for the first time in almost a decade was able to enjoy this amazing fair again and certainly enjoyed casting her discerning eye over what exhibitors were showcasing. We all felt suitably proud of the wonderful paintings and sculpture we had to show.

Plenty of time however was made to enjoy the sea and the sand and Harry led castle building on Riveria beach much to the amusement of Glenn who found himself being buried up to his neck!

We are already planning for February 2018…


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