Basel Landscape

Edward Waites: Bronzes in Basel

Over the past few years we have been fortunate to partner, through one of my very good clients and friends, with several galleries in Basel to expose the works of our fantastic artists to a new clientele.

This approach differs to those instances where we exhibit at an art fair and creates strong relationships between our gallery and those we exhibit with, as well as reaching new clients in a more intimate fashion.

We began this partnership with Basel and its galleries back in 2014 when we were invited to exhibit the father and son duo of Willem and Walter Dolphyn.  It was so successful that subsequent exhibitions have followed and this autumn we were delighted to present the striking bronze sculptures by Edward Waites and had a terrific time doing so!



It is safe to say that Ed is obsessed with animals.  Walking around Basel with him, he would suddenly disappear to get a closer look of a sculpture of a horse, the masonry on the cathedral or a taxidermied bear.  This obsession results in him really being able to capture the personality and characteristic movements of the animals he makes – a tilt of a head here, a lifted foot there…

Entirely self-taught, Ed has forged his unique style between the rough and smooth but it is his creation of movement within such a static medium that is extraordinary.

We are thrilled to have been working with Ed since we met him in Monaco at an art show in 2010 and we are looking forward to present some of his new work to you for our Winter Collection at the gallery.

Our very good friend Walter Dolphyn came up from Rocamadour to support us for the show and the four of us had aching cheeks from laughing so much!  Walter is currently finishing a commission that has seen him in the studio since before the summer and he is excited to start preparing for his solo exhibition later in 2018 at Gladwell & Patterson.


Ever the comedian, Walter kept us amused with his recent model purchases and we had great fun brainstorming concepts and titles for paintings that we are now keenly anticipating!!

This trip reminded me how fortunate we are in this business, to forge lasting friendships with people across all age groups and all nationalities, all in the name of Art.


ED MC Walter


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