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Day 6: Our live interview with Pieter Wagemans!

Today we spoke to Pieter Wagemans as he worked on a beautiful painting that could not be more appropriate for Chelsea Flower Show! He has joined us from Antwerp to tell us about the inspiration behind his art, his subject choices, and how he picks them.

Since he was a child, he has been fascinated by art and told us that when the other children were going to play football, he was at the museum taking in the beautiful paintings. His father was also an art lover and was very supportive of Pieter’s work, and choice to go and study at an academy at 15.

Pieter has painted many different subjects and explained how he adds depth and beauty to his paintings using a little fantasy and his imagination. Today he was painting flowers in the spirit of Chelsea, and told us how he prefers to find flowers in the wild rather than from florists as the richness that comes from nature is not comparable.

To find out more about Pieter’s wonderful journey to becoming an artist, his tips, and his recent exploration into new compositions, please watch out interview with him below.


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