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Day 5: Edward Waites live from Chelsea!

We first met the wonderful Edward Waites in Monte Carlo a number of years ago and it has been a pleasure to work with him since. When we interviewed him, he told us how his style and approach has developed over the last few years.The twenty-seven-year-old was working on a truly stunning piece over the course of Chelsea. His beautiful horses head is three and a half times the size of a real horse’s head and weighs over one and a half tons!

His passion for animals and wildlife has led to commissions for many royal collections. He spoke to us about a sculpture he was working on at the moment for a client and it was fascinating to hear how he captures the character of the animals and chooses their pose.

It has been a pleasure watching him work on the piece and he told us a little more about the process as we interviewed him. To create these unique sculptures, he uses clay and later casts them in bronze. Find out more in our interview with him below.


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