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Walter Dolphyn was born in Antwerp in 1963. Walter initially trained and practised as a printer, before an unusual turn of events lead him to successfully design a CD cover which then led him to take up painting full time.

Walter comes from a long family tradition of artists with a reputation of technical excellence, as practised by his father Willem, grand-father Victor and uncle Denis. Despite his evident talent it took Walter a number of years, after working in the printing department of a bank, to decide to seriously pursue painting.

Walter addresses a broad range of subject matter, from complex cityscapes and close-focus, highly detailed studies of decaying facades and ramshackle doors, but has increasingly come to focus on trompe l’oeil. Executed with both the highest technical precision and a sense of humour, Walter’s compositions act as narrative still life, with the story often played out by toys. Cabinets and shelves brim with objects, presenting models, gadgets and miniatures in imaginatively directed scenarios, engaging and igniting the viewer’s curiosity.

Walter apprenticed his father and together they have exhibited widely in Belgium and worldwide.

Walter’s work leaves no-one untouched. And invariably, it conjures an endearing smile on the face of the viewer.

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