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Nick Bibby started drawing and painting as soon as he could hold a pencil (or paintbrush) and sculpting soon followed. As a young child his earliest sculptures were made using whatever came to hand – plasticine, clay from his parent’s garden, or even, on occasion, Opal Fruits (known as Starburst to younger generations) from the local sweet shop.

Spending every free moment perfecting his art, he sold his first sculptures at age thirteen, turning professional in his late teens. Nick has been a fulltime sculptor ever since. Attracted by the beauty and longevity of bronze, Nick started producing sculptures in bronze and later, silver, in the early nineties. It is easy to see the profound influence that the natural world has had on Nick and his work; shaping everything he sculpts.

An unflagging perfectionist, Nick’s work is deeply rooted in the figurative tradition, exhibiting his meticulous attention to detail and unrivalled ability to convey form. He clearly loves all those little details that make each subject beautifully unique, and his comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, behaviour and natural history of each subject allows him to imbue seemingly cold metal with such a sense of warmth, character and life, that they are instantly appealing. With an ever-growing international reputation, the moment we saw Nick’s work, we knew that he was a natural fit at Gladwell and Patterson!

I regard myself as a very fortunate man, to have such a challenging yet fulfilling occupation.

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