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Eugene Von Blaas was born in Albano, near Rome, in 1843. His father, Karl Von Blass, the leading historical painter, was also his teacher.

With his family Eugene moved to Venice, where his father was appointed Professor at the Academy of Venice. Following the same path as his father, Von Blaas later also became Professor at the Academy of Venice.
Von Blaas frequently portrayed the ordinary inhabitants of Venice, but also produced portraits and paintings of religious subject matter. He specialized in particular in depicting women, set in the context of their everyday lives. He was a painter of extraordinary skill, creating colourful, theatrical views of life and society in Venice. His subjects mostly appear in domestic, or rural settings but despite the unremarkable nature of their surroundings, he renders each scene in exquisite detail and with a close focus on detail of fabric and light.

Von Blaas’ is held by the collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, the National Portrait Gallery, London and in many other museums and private collections around the world.

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