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David Mueller, originally from the suburbs of Chicago, IL, currently resides in Northern Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, OH.  He is a 1987 graduate of The American Academy of Art, in Chicago, whose fine art program had a strong focus on traditional realism.
“I like to create renderings that capture the essence of simple, yet profound, aesthetics.  The current focus of my work is primarily figurative  paintings, many including some kind of decorative element.  I strive to create “timeless” images.   My style is aimed at finding a happy medium between classical realism and impressionism. I  also love to plein air paint to try to capture the essence of natural landscape.”
Since 1989, David has been creating renderings for many private and corporate collectors, including gubernatorial portraits that hang in the Ohio State capital.  With collectors across the world, David has shown his work at a number of exhibitions over the past ten years in the following regions:
New York, NY–Philadelphia, PA– Los Angeles, California — Greater Cincinnati, Ohio – Columbus, Ohio – Midland, Michigan – Birmingham, Alabama – Cedarville Michigan, –Miami, Fl., –Chicago, IL -San Antonio.
Most recently, David rendered a Christmas ornament that was displayed on the main indoor White House Christmas tree. In March of 1993, David’s work appeared on the cover of The Artists Magazine and in the feature article therein on his painting technique.  Another article for the magazine appeared in the July 2004 issue.  His work has been the subject of many regional publications, including print, television, and radio.
David is active in The Cincinnati Art Club, founded in 1890.  Such notables as Frank Duveneck, Henry Farney, and Edward Potthast founded the club.  It still is running strong today as the second oldest continuously operating art club in the country.  David has demonstrated his techniques as a guest speaker there and many other regional organizations.  He has taught oil painting/drawing privately and in regional workshops.
Over the past  15 years, David completed a number of commissioned works for private collectors and more recently has created large bodies of work for one-man shows in New York and the Midwest.

Plein air painting, another passion for David, and research have taken him on travels through Quebec, Canada; Florence, Amalfi and Venice, Italy; London, England; Monhegan Island, ME; Gloucester, Massachusetts; Northern Michigan and Kentucky.

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