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Constant David Ludovic Artz was born in Holland in 1870, son of David Adolf Constant Artz and Helene Artz-Schemel he was destined to be an artist. His talents showed from a young age, and enrolled in the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague in 1899 where he became the pupil of T. Offerman.


Early on in his career, even as a student his love for nature shone in his art. Painting landscapes, windmills, and, open-air cameos in a realistic style. This was in stark contrast to his father, who had been part of The Hague School and explored the vivid art of Japonism, which had taken the art world by storm in the late 19th Century.


Under the influence of Willem Maris the young Artz focused on Dutch landscapes but included ducks in the scene, either out of the water or swimming. These idyllic scenes were a great interest to the 19th Century public as Artz, with fantastic skill mixed an impressionist touch with a depth of careful detail. He mastered the effect of sun and light on the ducks and the water yet gave his work a warm, friendly appearance.

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