Art Southampton 2015; Our Verdict

Come 5th July and the majority of New York has fled the hot, muggy skyscrapers of Manhattan & de-camped for the summer to the eastern finger – the Hamptons, where they kick off their shoes & suits and swap them for board shorts and flip flops.

It is a beautiful part of the States, miles of wild empty beaches stretch out before you, the Atlantic crashing in and looming sand dunes discreetly hiding the most incredible houses.

Art Southampton was a new fair for us – the first of the Art Miami-run Fairs we have participated in and quite a test as the majority of the other galleries were very contemporary.

It had worked in our favour at Art Palm Beach. Would it work here?

The answer is yes. In amongst flashing neon screens, gold sharks in Perspex tanks, even a piece of wall that had been cut out with a Banksy on it, our – in comparison – modest offerings glittered like diamonds for those, like us, who appreciate the traditional techniques and exceptional paintings of yesteryear and today.

We sold well – namely Ronny Moortgat, Karl Martens and Paul Czainski – and have many interesting leads to follow. Definitely one to grow with, Art Southampton proved to be a great first step into the Hamptons.

How fortunate we are to be able to travel to world bringing our beautiful collection of paintings to the fore and sharing our love and knowledge overseas.


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