Art at Home

Art at Home

Choosing art for your home can be a daunting prospect but not if you enlist the advice and support of a trusted art gallery. At Gladwell & Patterson we pride ourselves on our history and reputation. Working with us helps you to ensure your ideas are carefully considered to help you make the best choice possible for a new work of art.

Something Old, Something New

Commissioning a work of art can be a wonderful way to get exactly what you want from a painting. Maybe a favourite view or City scene is something you have always thought about but never turned into reality.

Martin Taylor has visited many parts of the country to bring cherished corners of the countryside to life for people who have a favourite tree or view on their local walk. Likewise Peter van Breda has brought to life corners of Venice which have had special memories for those of you who love the city. Personalised art reinforces a memory, and one that is so pertinent to those that commission it. We all live in a world where instant digital photography is at our fingertips – but a one off piece of original and unique artwork is an incredibly special thing to treasure.

For maximum impact, consider the lighting of your art- if it’s hung or displayed in a darker corner, it will be less of a talking point than you might have hoped. In those instances think about bespoke lighting; spotlights might work well for a piece of sculpture but reflect off glass of framed pieces. Additional lamps can work well or you may want to consider recessed ceiling lights if you are undertaking more extensive refurbishment projects.

In the Frame

George Charles Robin


Hanging a new artwork is great fun and you can instantly see its impact upon the setting of a room. The way in which the subject of the work of art fits brings new life and interest to a space is delightful. The frame in which the painting is hung is also of utmost importance. You can look to match colours and styles of frames with other objects, textiles and furniture in your home. Often a pair of paintings add more drama to a room. Having a bespoke, quality picture frame should always enhance your artwork, helping to protect and conserve it as well as add value to the piece.

Outside Impact



Many of the sculptors we deal with in the gallery produce bronzes which lend themselves directly to use in the garden. An interesting object at the end of a path instantly creates a focal point. Decide what look you want maybe sleek elegance or rustic charm we are sure to be able to find a piece from the collections of Simon Gudgeon or Nick Bibby.

Mini masterpieces

How many times have you been handed the previous works that your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren have painted or drawn especially for you? As a fine art gallery we might not normally suggest these are the works of masters of the future, but give these beauties the professional treatment they deserve with a mount and frame and you will be surprised at just how good they can look!


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