Anthony’s Review of 2014

Dear Friends,

As we quickly approach that most wonderful and magical time of year my thoughts have turned to what an exciting 2014 the gallery has had.

At the start of January we all moved in together at Beauchamp Place. Glenn and Graham had emptied Number 19 and the keys were returned. The end of an era in Mayfair for the gallery but the start of something special in Knightsbridge. It has been really good to have all of us together for twelve months, if only so I can find out what everyone gets up to!

Palm Beach 2014 AIFAFThe New Year heralded skiing for some of us and exhibitions in Florida for others. It sounds very glamorous but for the USA, January and February are when many of our American friends are on vacation in the sun, and visiting art shows. A whole selection of art fairs showing paintings and sculpture from traditional through to contemporary are on in Palm Beach, Naples and Miami at this time.

Florida is always a good location to meet old clients and to find new art enthusiasts and this year was no exception as Marie-Claire and Glenn had a very successful trip where many of our old favourites found new homes including a stunning Venice scene by Federico del Campo.

In April, we returned to America for a new fair in Chicago on the Navy Pier. We love the Windy City and always make the most of our time on the shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago has been the centre for art collectors in North America from the mid-Nineteenth century, and indeed the finest collection of Claude Monet’s paintings in North America can be found at the Chicago Institute of Art. On our stand at the fair, a wide selection of Victorian paintings and modern Masters were very much admired.

Throughout the year we have continued with our series of dinner evenings in the gallery. These offer the chance to bring artists and clients together in a relaxed and informal environment and gives them the time to talk about the art market today over a delicious meal. We usually learn a lot as well. A fun question and answer time over coffee is a great chance to ask those much pondered questions.

One of my personal favourites was hearing Nick Bibby describing the process behind casting a bronze sculpture – a riveting and exciting challenge for the artist. I do hope that those of you who have attended have enjoyed yourselves, and please let us know if you would like to come along in the future by signing up to our new VIP club on the website- a pop up window appears for you to complete when you log in.

This brings me neatly on to our new website which I am delighted with, and I feel that finally we have a showcase online worthy of the work we stock. It gives the viewer a great opportunity to explore what we have available including new paintings that have arrived in the gallery. You can also find out more about an artist, read about what we have been doing and you can even buy a painting online! From the many comments I have had you are really finding the layout, images, videos and exciting content very useful.

Chelsea Flower Show 2014In May the Chelsea Flower Show bloomed once more into a majestic showcase of all things horticulture related. We exhibited a wide range of paintings and sculpture for the 8th year in a row now, and an exciting departure was to showcase the excellent work of  Edward Waites with a life size horse sculpture on the garden site.

Immediately as the great sell off finished, we winged our way to the Far East for our first ever show in Mainland China. It was my first ever visit to Beijing and the show was located close to the Bird’s Nest stadium.  Our painting selection was widely featured on TV and admired by visitors.

I would have been happier not have had to eat sea urchins for dinner but was ecstatic to walk on the Great Wall. An incredible experience and one if you are lucky enough to be on that side of the World you must visit.

All of us had a tremendous Gladwell’s show with an amazing collection of new paintings from the Master’s of the future such as Robin and Jacob, sat neatly alongside several of our stunning impressionist works and a selection of our contemporary artists. All were widely admired and avidly collected.

Porto Cathedral by Peter van BredaWe wrapped up a wonderful summer with an August Bank holiday weekend in Portugal. Carla married her husband, Julien in the baroque setting of Porto Cathedral. Watched by friends and family it was a magical event. The gallery presented her with a beautiful painting of the cathedral by Peter van Breda.

At the start of October our show in Hong Kong saw a reduction in visitors due to the close proximity of the protests taking place in the Umbrella Revolution. Nonetheless, our friends on the island did return and some strong sales were made. Carla saw a delightful large Jacob find a new home.

A new venture in September took us to the Monaco International Yacht Show where Cory, Carla and Graham displayed a selection of fantastic paintings on various megayachts in partnership with Camper & Nicholson. Graham drove the paintings there and back and has some tales to tell of his travels when you next see him.

A major new project this year has been to start a comprehensive video project for the new website. We have visited a wide selection of our living artists and recorded their inspirations and motivations on film and if you haven’t had time yet to watch them yet, I suggest you try to find time to enjoy them over Christmas.

In addition, I have been recording on film the history and relationships that Gladwells has shared with those older artists with whom my father dealt for so many years. I hope to have given you some insight into these incredible masters and so I invite you to enjoy a tour of the worlds of Jacob, Robin, Cortes and Bouvard amongst others.

Dolphyn Dinner Walter Dolphyn took central stage in November and the gallery was taken over by toys and his own sense of humour, it was an action packed week of events, dinners and fantastic paintings. The gallery came alive and the old bustle of the Pattersons previews was recreated with peoples anxious to secure one of Walter’s wonderful works.

The final event of the year was to launch our Christmas collection and to celebrate 50 years from Bill Patterson’s first show at 19, Albemarle Street. We were delighted to welcome his indomitable widow Patricia back to the gallery to join the party, and a very successful and exciting evening was enjoyed by all.

2015 brings us interesting new shows in Luxembourg and in the gallery in London as we welcome back Kenneth Webb, Paul S. Brown for his delayed show, Peter Symonds and celebrate Willem Dolphyn’s 30th year exhibiting with Patterson’s alongside his 80th birthday.

I wanted also to take this opportunity to send you all a very heartfelt thank you for your support throughout the year and to Ella for being our “Employee of the Year.”

And so as we move into the new, and our 263rd, year I wish you all a very happy holiday.

Kind Regards

Anthony Fuller


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