50th Anniversary

Anthony’s Personal Favourites from the World of Great Art

Having been advised that I have now qualified for a Gladwell & Company 50 years Service Gold Watch I have been persuaded that I should indulge my clients and friends with a selection of my own personal favourites from the World of Great Art. To this day man and woman never cease to amaze me with their skill, craftsmanship and ability to create beauty which takes my breath away and has been known, on occasions, to reduce me to tears. This one fact is why I feel every day is a privilege to be associated with Gladwell’s and the world of art.


To me the greatest painting ever created is the “Milk Maid” by Vermeer in the Rijksmuseum. Apart from the period it depicts, its subtle colouring in the shaded areas defies belief.


In the Sculpture world there exists the “Pietà” by Michelangelo in Rome. Every other relief shape pales into insignificance when compared.

Salone superiore, Scuola grande di San Rocco, Venezia

As far as architecture is concerned, the building housing the “Tintoretto” paintings in San Rocco, Venice is a true Masterpiece of design and decoration.

When it comes to pieces that are attainable, I have managed to collect a water colour by Birkit Foster of a “Young Lady Drawing Water Beside a Church”, an oil painting of “The Battle of Trafalgar” by Derek Gardner, a painting of an “Old Man talking to an Owl” by Godfried Schalken and another water colour by Frank Dadd of a “Man Walking his Dog in the Snow” which he sent to a friend as a Christmas Card. All these give me great pleasure every single day.

Various Artists

Much to my lovely wife’s exasperation, my collection of glass cases (all of which seem to contain ship models) take up almost all the spare surfaces in our home. However, there is one model which defies my estimation of man’s ability to create. Crafted in the late 1800s by an unknown prisoner of war, it is only 2 ½” long. Breath taking and mind boggling in its intricacy and detail.

Ship Model

I sincerely hope that you will all get as much enjoyment from the attached illustrations of the above as myself.


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