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Anthony’s Icelandic Adventure

It’s not often you find me far from the gallery, however, when an old mate of some sixty years standing invites you on a summer adventure I couldn’t say no. Him hailing from Colorado and me from London we met up in Iceland. Our plan had been to spend time on the island of fire and rock climbing, which is one of my great passions. Sadly my American pal had chopped one and a half inches off the end of his finger the week before, so the agenda was amended to sight seeing.

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Neither of us were expecting the incredible scenery, nor for that matter, the superb sunny weather which held for the whole ten days. We decided to circumvent the island anti clock wise in an effort to get away from the very popular Golden Tour which all visitors appear to undertake and therefore managed to escape from most of the very busy tourist destinations. The tourist numbers have leapt from 800,000 to 1.4 million in the last two years alone to give you some idea of the Islands popularity

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From immense water falls through spouting geysers, hot springs, glaciers, huge lava fields and total desolation, one is left with the impression that a return visit is an absolute must. It is truly impossible to take in each day all one sees even with the modern advantage of a mobile phone camera.

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One word of caution to any visitor and that is the very high cost of living. A climber’s yard stick is normally the cost of a pint of beer in which ever country he is visiting. In Iceland £10 a time for a pint of Heineken is at the top of the list expense wise. Still it meant for a rather sober trip if nothing else.

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Iceland is a massive recommendation for any one who enjoys the great outdoors and I very much hope to return soon.

Photography by Brian Serff

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