DEREK G.M. GARDNER - The Sovereign of the Seas (The Record Breaker)

Anthony’s Autumn Top 10

Since our last newsletter we have added many fine new works of art to our collection and I have taken great pleasure in selecting ten of the very best for your enjoyment. In my opinion, these represent a great cross section of the wide range of traditional pictures and bronzes for which our gallery is so renown and each has their own special merits. I do hope you enjoy them.

Derek G.M. Gardner – The Sovereign of the Seas (The Record Breaker)

Georges Charles Robin – La Sèvre Nantaise Vue du Chêne (Nantes)

Alexandre Louis Jacob – Fin d’Automne, Temps Nuageux

Stewart Lees – Aperitif

David Shepherd – Elephants in the Bush

Paul S. Brown – Apiarist’s Rest

Karl Martens – Buzzard

Simon Gudgeon – Barn Owl

Claude Monet – Faisans, Bécasses et Perdrix

19020 Cariot Good

Gustave Cariot – Meules devant un Village


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