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5 Years Exhibiting at Fine Art Asia

Returning to Hong Kong for our fifth exhibition at Fine Art Asia almost feels like entering familiar territory now.  We have ‘our’ orchid man, hidden away in a bustling market alley off the main street who arranges flowers for our stand (I was sure he cracked a smile this year – whether it was at Graham’s fabulous attire or that he has finally recognized us as the ‘gweilo’ who visit him annually, who knows!) ‘our’ dry cleaners, ‘our’ noodle place where no one speaks a word of English but we can still order a hot and spicy dish of stir-fry beef noodles for next to nothing. Ok, for that one we need our translator Tiffany – but it’s comforting yet still exciting to feel that you can walk around a City and know some of less obvious places.

Hong Kong, for those of you who have never been, is wonderful. It’s crazy, full-on, high speed, electric energy sweeps you up and you just have to hang on for the ride. And what a ride! From the glamour of sipping cocktails at the world’s highest bar, 118 floors up at Ozone to sitting on a street corner in a market eating who-know-what that has been cooked right in front of you, it assaults all your senses and takes no prisoners.

It is amongst this fantastic City, at the cool and collected Convention Center in Wanchai that we exhibit a collection of our paintings every year at the largest international fine art fair in Asia.  We do well here – each year, building on the solid foundations of contacts we have made throughout the five years and attracting new clients with our exceptional paintings.  It has to be said, the last two years have seen a dramatic drop off in attendance figures – last year the fair coincided with the protests and this year, a crack down in Mainland China by the government on money laundering and visa restrictions meant footfall was dreadfully low.  In spite of this, however, we were delighted to see good clients returning and adding to their collections as well as meeting new clients with whom we hope we shall enjoy a lasting relationship.

Following on from our success in Hong Kong, we return to Beijing in two weeks to participate in the Guardian Fine Art Asia.


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